501 & 502

Provision for inclusion of an addressable device (Class A)


The 501 & 502 smart switches are designed to not only protect valves against incorrect operation but also to allow the inclusion of an addressable device within the units anti-tamper housing. This contributes to the over all integrity of the system and ease of installation.  


The difference between these two models, is that the 502 contains a LED light on the front of the unit to allow specific location of the monitor that has been activated. 


Key Product Features  

  • anti-tamper, 

  • Enhanced Security

  • waterproof, 

  • flame retardant,

  • intrinsically safe, 

  • high impact resistance hermetically sealed, 

  • shock resistant, 

  • uv resistant, 

  • no mechanical parts, 

  • provision for inclusion of an addressable device


Technical Data Sheet

Active Fire Listing Approval


Amtron Valve Monitors


Amtron VMD Pty Ltd provides a variety of monitor devices designed to provide superior protection for a variety of situations, all of which models are capable of fitting virtually all valve types.