Amtron Valve Monitoring Device Pty Ltd is an expanding Australian owned company that has operated from our head office in Melbourne Australia, since 1984.  Amtron manufactures a wide range of valve monitoring devices, including the only approved Class A anti-tamper device.  Amtron Valve Monitoring devices comply with all relevant Australian Standards, and are considered the most secure and reliable units available. 


While our products were originally developed for the fire protection industry, the higher level of security and integrity they provide makes them well suited to a wider range of applications; such as, fuel installations including offshore oil rigs and processing plants, fuel tankers, food process plants, foam & gas installations, and commercial and industrial water supplies.  In fact virtually any application where the integrity of a control valve is at risk of accidental or deliberate incorrect operation an Amtron valve monitor, and the unique level of protection it provides, is required to secure investment. As it is a world class leader in its field.  


A large proportion of Australian and International leading organizations rely on Amtron's protection, as do a number of Historic sites and various National infrastructure projects. 


Some installation locations of note:


  • Sydney Opera House 

  • ANSTO’s OPAL Research Reactor, Lucas Heights NSW

  • New Parliament House, Canberra

  • Departments of Defence, (Various sites) 

  • Darling Harbor Development, Sydney

  • Telstra service tunnels, (Various sites)

  • Exhibition Building, Melbourne

  • Australian Embassy Beijing

  • Crown Casino, Melbourne

  • Rialto Building, Melbourne

  • CSR Foods, Queensland

  • The Melbourne Cricket Ground

  • The Eureka Tower Melbourne

  • Crown Casino, Sydney Barangaroo

  • Monash University